Driveway, Patio & Car Park Cleaning Leeds

It’s easy for driveways, patios and car parking areas to become overgrown with moss, weeds and algae. As well as being unsightly they are also a safety hazard. Moss and algae can become treacherous when left and are the cause of countless trips and slips every year.

Patio cleaning as a priority

To make matters worse, while moss might be easy to spot algae can be almost invisible. Patio cleaning should be a priority for every homeowner to not only keep their outdoor space looking at its best, but also keeping it safe.

Professionally clean, minimal fuss

If homeowners need to be aware of potential hazards on patios and driveways, then it’s even more important in commercial settings. If you have employees or members of the public using your car parking facilities it’s crucial it’s completely safe and free from algal and moss growth.

Power washing and jet washing your own patios, driveways and car parks can be a time consuming and messy job. Few people look forward to it and as a result it often gets neglected. J Brown Cleaning Services can professionally clean your patio, driveway or car parking area with the minimum of fuss. They can also give your patio a thorough deep clean that really brings out the natural beauty of the stone and other materials. By safely applying a biocide treatment J Brown Cleaning Services can ensure your patio, driveway or car parking area is completely free of lichen, moss and other organic growth. It also increases the amount of time it takes for them to grow back.

Our driveway and patio cleaning services are available throughout West Yorkshire including Leeds and Bradford.

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