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J Brown Cleaning are the local specialists when it comes to exterior cleaning across West Yorkshire.

Keeping the exterior of your home or business clean can be a time consuming job. There’s a lot more to think about than just the windows. Conservatories, driveways, patios, guttering, all these and more need particular attention. Having the right equipment for the job can make things easier but its usually more cost-effective to hand the task over to specialists who know how to give your property the exterior deep clean it deserves.

Why choose us?

J Brown Cleaning are the local specialists when it comes to exterior cleaning across West Yorkshire. They bring experience and professionalism to everything they do. With a forward-looking approach, J Brown make it easy to keep your home or business looking at its best. They offer a full range of exterior cleaning services, including some areas that you might not have previously considered but paying attention to the details really pays off.


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“Hi I’m Justin the founder of J Brown Cleaning Services, thank you for visiting the website today. If you’re reading this then I presume that you are looking for more than just a service provider and that WHO you use to fix your problem on your property is just as if not MORE important. If that’s the case then you’ll be happy to know that J Brown Cleaning Services SHARE your concern.”


J Brown
Managing Director

Recent Update

4 days ago

J Brown Cleaning
*PLEASE BE CAREFULI'm posting this on all the Wilsden pagesI've just had an email from the daughter of one of my elderly customers in Wilsden. Today someone in an unmarked van has knocked on my customers door claiming to have cleaned her windows and taken the payment from her!! She is a vulnerable person and clearly been taken advantage of!! 😡😡😡Please be mindful of your elderly or vulnerable family in the area and let them know to be careful. Talk to your current window cleaner or other regular service provider and ask if you can pay by Bacs or direct debit to minimise this happening to yourself or vulnerable family members.General advice to follow is to only ever pay someone on the door if you are absolutely sure they work for a company you have contracted and you see them regularly every time they do work on your property.Honesty, integrity and professionalism are values that I value highly and take great pride in whether in personal life or business. We are always in fully branded clothing and we have a sign written van do our customers know we are who we say we are.To avoid issues like this from occuring, we prefer payment by bank transfer or direct debit and actively encourage it instead of cash.We always invoice and record payments for proof of service and payment.If we work for anyone in your family who could be vulnerable to devious people like this then we are more than happy to be paid by you electronically rather than in cash. We would simply post a slip through the door after each clean to say we've been. We then email invoice you which shows the date of the window clean, amount owed and bank details to pay to.Kind regardsJustinJ Brown Cleaning ... See MoreSee Less
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